Home Repair Skills

Build or repair almost anything around your home with these projects and tips designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make home repairs easier.
  • Appliance Repair Appliance Repair

    Repair your household appliances with these step-by-step projects and expert tips from the pros.

  • Automotive Automotive

    Be your own mechanic and keep your cars running smooth with these repairs and routine maintenance projects and tips.

  • Carpentry Carpentry

    Improve your carpentry skills with these projects and tips from veteran carpenters from framing to trim carpentry.

  • Cleaning Cleaning

    Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

  • DIY Advice DIY Advice

    DIY advice blog with expert information from the editors of The Family Handyman magazine. Read reviews of new DIY tools and products, find out the latest trends in DIY and share your thoughts.

  • Drywall Drywall

    Learn how to install, tape and sand drywall yourself with these projects and professional tips.

  • Electrical Electrical

    Projects and advice for outdoor lighting, adding new outlets and all electrical projects.

  • Great Goofs Great Goofs

    Read these DIYers' embarrassing moments stories and DIY fails from the home remodeling and renovation trenches

  • Heating & Cooling Heating & Cooling

    Keep your air conditioner and furnace running efficiently with these DIY repairs and routine maintenance projects.

  • Home Security Home Security

    Keep your home safe from unwanted intruders with these DIY home security projects and tips.

  • Masonry Masonry

    Learn how to build with brick, concrete and stone to develop your masonry skills.

  • Painting Painting

    Whether painting inside or outside, these articles will help you get professional results on all your house painting projects.

  • Pest Control Pest Control

    Keep pests out of your home with these do-it-yourself tips and advice from professional pest control specialists.

  • Plumbing Plumbing

    DIY plumbing projects, tips and repairs for most plumbing jobs around your home.

  • Smart Homeowner Smart Homeowner

    Become a smarter homeowner with these projects and tips that will help you conserve energy, be prepared for emergencies and ways to save money throughout your home.

  • Storage/Organization Storage/Organization

    Keep your entire home well organized and find storage space you didn’t know you had with these organization and storage projects, tips and ideas.

  • Tiling Tiling

    Lay tile on countertops, floors, showers and walls with these tiling projects and expert tips.

  • Tools Tools

    Get tips and techniques to help you use and take care of your tools for all your DIY projects.

  • Woodworking Woodworking

    Become a better woodworker with these projects, tips and ideas for building furniture, cabinets and all woodworking projects.

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